Monday, 3 November 2008

Living In Fear

Time resumes to the taste of glass
As slivered dust fades away
Realization hits as an aftershock
Death has never been closer
Twisted forms of flesh and steel
Lie still now, rid of motion
Reeling from the forces involved
That bend both metal and the mind
Through a skewed door
I see the fast lane frozen
From my place in the middle
Standing, stopped as i was
Such an eerie pause surrounding
This vein of travel clotted
Calmly invades me
As wounds bleed in my eyes
These tears of red are shed for scars
That touch the bone and leave my sight
A grateful fortune for I'm thankful
Marred my face with marks so painful

P.S. --- Tribute to the people who are still braving it out there even after losing their near and dear ones. I lost three friends in the blasts. Swapan, Neog, and Nirmala, you would always be remembered.


  1. An army can fight
    All battles outside..
    But to fight our own people,
    You need to kill ur inside!!

  2. you caught that sentiment aptly, when we feel lucky to be alive and mourn the loss of others..

  3. Thanks for reading this and coming back guys.... I appreciate it.... Your support keeps me going... :)