Friday, 27 July 2007


Give me a sharp knife;
I’ll rip all the mist around,
I’ll put and end to the useless life;
Bring voices into death’s sound.

Let me touch the cold metal,
Feel the edge of creation,
The perfection of steel so lethal
Fulfilling my pleasure.

Shining, reflecting life’s tones,
Approached to skin in delicate moves,
The weapon of freedom rose,
As the touch of life I lose.

Give me something sharp
For itches of ignorance
To scratch all those who have no heart,
To stab the place a feeling should replace.

Face them to what they’ve skipped
When learning life’s lessons…
They only ripped
And married ignorance.

Those will only become concrete
When feeling the pain,
The thrills rising from the top of their feet,
The blood rushing in vain.

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