Thursday, 13 November 2008

Is Being Attractive The Main Deciding Factor?

Do you think being beautiful or sexy - just by itself - is a surefire way to guy's heart? How many "beautiful" or "sexy" girls do you think are really loved by their man?

The Fact: These attributes may matter for a fling but in a soulmate, a man looks for something else.

The Sexy girls are often "torpid" in bed: That very often is an open-secret among men (unless, of course, they visit one of the "Gentleman's clubs" where being sexy or beautiful alone doesn't work!). The beautiful girl expects the man to do all the work! That may go well with him at first but in a true mate he looks for a two-way exchange. And that's where good old Mary wins. She touches, she plays and the man sways! Men love that and more so when they are just looking for a perfect wife.

The beautiful girl expects royal treatment: Why not? She is cute, attractive and with choices - apparently. Good old Mary looks for a soul-to-soul connection and a deeper bonding. That's what the men really want deep inside - care, love and involvement.

Good old Mary believes in true love and the Bombshell triggers the "survival of the fittest": So is Mary a loser? Men often look at beauty as a mystery - it ceases to exist when unfolded. So the sexy girl does pretty well till the aura of beauty and her mystery remain.

Good old Mary wants to have a happy family and beautiful girl, a happy face: It's beauty that is her survival mode but men are just grown up boys. At the end of the day, they look out for nurturing love. And good old Mary is always a shoulder to cry on when things are not just right. She gets her man since she knows what he really looks for in mate.

This is what I feel and have heard time and over again from other guys who I have talked to. You all are free to give your point of view which might lead me to write another post about this.


  1. No, being atttractive isn't the deciding factor when you fall in love. Very typical of any person (man or woman) who is looking for a temporary partner is to check superficial things like beauty and brains and possessions. For someone seeking a lifemate, you consider background, similarities and opinions.

    Best don't categorize people anyway until you really understand them. For all you know, the sexy siren may have the brains and loyalty, whereas the mild lady in the corner may not have long-term plans with a guy...

    (And then there are those like me, who have your description of Mary and also the attractiveness folks fantasize about...)

    Snigger snigger :-D

  2. Hmm.... That's true but I was talking about the most prolific trait in women which is well documented too. Have you ever noticed how in any couple, one person is always better looking than the other? I mean that you would very rarely find a couple where both the partners are equally beautiful.

    Same thing holds true for the statement I was trying to make. There certainly are exceptions though.

    Good to see your honest opinion here though. Keep reading and would love to hear your observation about the writings.

  3. Finally, your comment box permits me to post!

    Hey, you've read Shantaram? The Leopold's mentioned in that book was attacked yesterday by some terrorists...

    Seems like you're still traveling. You need to be more regular with your posts man!