Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I'm not a NERD

My hands are always moving and my fingers never still.
The monitor is my ink. The keyboard is my quill.
My guitar is in my speakers and a disk holds all my drums.
The key to my eraser is now beneath my thumbs.

My paintbrush is my mouse and the bristles are the cords.
My programs built my house. The tool bar hung the door.
The Internet's my city, state, and country. It's my globe.
Google is a map when I cannot find my Home.

I fall asleep at some sites and wake up in others lost.
I'm addicted to blogging and I don't care what it costs.
Every Sunday I get up and go to church at AMD.
It takes confessions while pretending not to sleep.

I keep up with correspondents at night before bed.
"Yahoo!" "You've got mail!" Or whatever it may have said.
I log off and go to sleep. I dream only in words.
I may not be cool to you, but in MY world I'm not a nerd!

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