Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Carriers of Dreams

All prophecies write about the destruction of the world
All prophecies say that mankind will create its own destruction.
But the centuries and life ever-renewable have always borne
Generations of lovers and dreamers,
Men and women who do not dream of the DEstruction of the world,
But about the CONstruction of a world of butterflies and nightingales,
A world of love and understanding,
A world of dreams and of dreamers

They are the carriers of dreams,
The Knights Templar of the dreamers,
Forever protecting the pilgrim trails to the Holy Land of Dreams.

From their first breath,
They are driven by love.
Beneath their everyday appearance
They preserve tenderness and the midnight sun.
Their mothers find them as they weep over a dead bird,
And later they may find many of them killed just like the birds they wept for

These Dreamers made love to translucent women
And made them pregnant with honey and children
After a winter full of tenderness and green leaves.

Thus the Carriers of Dreams began to populate the world,
Fiercely opposed by the carriers of wordy prophecies of doom.
THEY called them deceited, romantic, utopic thinkers.
THEY said their words were old - and old they were - and out-dated,
Because the memory of Paradise IS old in the hearts of mankind.
It´s true that this race never stopped dreaming and building beautiful worlds,
Worlds of brothers,
Of men and women who called each other comrades,
Who taught each other to read,
To comfort each other in the face of death,
To heal, to care, to love,
To help each other in the art of love an defence of happiness.

They lived happily in their land of sugar and wind,
And others came from everywhere
To drink from their breath and their clear eyes.
And those who met them went out again into the cold world of the Prophets of Doom.

And there they carried dreams
And dreamt of new prophecies that spoke of butterflies and nightingales,
Where the world would not have to die,
Where, on the contrary, scientists would invent amazing things
Fountains, gardens, toys, all to make mankind´s fortunes even more blessed.

They are dangerous – printed the big newspapers.
They are dangerous – said politicians in their speeches.
They are dangerous – mumbled the artists of war.

They have to be destroyed – printed the big newspapers.
They have to be destroyed – said the politicians.
They have to be destroyed – muttered the artists of war.

The dream carriers knew of their powers
And they were not surprised.
And they knew life had created them
To protect themselves from the death their prophecies had predicted.
And that´s why they even defended their lives with death.
That´s why they created dream gardens
And exported them everywhere wrapped in big red ribbons.

The Prophets of Darkness spent whole days and nights
Guarding the passes and passages in search of these dangerous cargoes.
But he who has no eyes for dreaming does not see dreams,
Neither by day nor by night.

And the dreams have begun to travel across the world in a busy traffic
Which cannot be stopped by the merchants of deaths;
And everywhere you can see the packets of dreams with big red ribbons,
If you belong to the race of dreamers.

But the seed of these dreams cannot be traced,
Because it is wrapped in loving hearts or hidden under big pregnancy gowns,
Beneath which dreamy little feet tap-dance in the tummies that carry them.

It is said that the earth – after it gave birth to them –spat out a rainbow
And breathed fertility into the roots of the trees.
Only we, who have seen them, know they exist.
Know that life has borne them to protect itself
From the death the Prophets of Darkness foretell.

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