Friday, 27 July 2007

In A Mind

All alone in this darkness
Wondering why im still alive
In this darkness i sit in silence
Thinking why i took this dive
Head first into hell,
Along this lonely drive
Why am i still alive

Faking happiness for those around
While inside i wither away
Walking along,
Wondering what i did wrong
Thinking if I will make it to the next day
Walking on my lonesome way
All alone i shall lay

Asking myself if i should die
Waiting for the day i do
In this darkness i sit in silence
Pondering what i did to you
I apologize for what i do
Soon i rot, away from you

Dead inside, my silence is forever
Still wondering why
Walking along wondering what i did wrong
All alone i shall cry
Waiting for the day i die
Finally i say good-bye.

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