Wednesday, 5 September 2007

No Pity For The Weak

The blows rained down upon her
As she cried No Stop Don't
The fists smashed into her
Again Again Again
And she sobbed as she described to me
The pain, terror, humiliation
Of this the first of countless beatings
Four years ago.

I looked at her with pitiless eyes
And struggled to mask the disgust I felt
For her the weak pathetic waif
Who will not repel what is killing her
She wants it
Sickly craves it
She needs to be needed
For something, by someone
She deserves her pain
Earned through inaction
And rationalizing that he will change
Her unjustified hope
Gained her four years
Of unmitigated hell.

All around her saw the truth
And knew what she should do
But she dismissed wise advice
Ignored the intelligent path
And chose her fate
With downcast eyes
She deserves her pain
Whether fists or words or apathy
And so will you
So do you.

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