Friday, 27 July 2007


Creature of the night,
entraps with lies,
her touch inflaming passions.

Succubus she,
yours to never be,
her ways mythic in fashion.

Demonly being appears
in your dreams,
succulent wants awaken.

Restless your sleep,
those fears are deep.
Peaceful dreams are taken.

Desires climb
a thousand times
and again forever more.

Last breath, this night,
no struggle nor flight,
succumbing to ancient lore.

Hypnotic, her eyes,
devilishly wise,
you find resisting useless.

The will is gone…
weak smile, she’s won.
Poor man, completely helpless.

Whom she may choose,
resolve will loose,
prey to this ardent beast.

Your soul she has claimed,
empty shell remains…
and in death you find no peace.

1 comment:

  1. Well it is the most unusual poem I've read and its written on the most unusual of topics! It gives an eerie sense of pleasure when one reads it. (I mean that quite literally) Despite the fact that its a dark poem, its quite enchanting.
    Thanks for sharing.