Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Emotions run wild,
Like a balloon on a pin
Swirling round and round,
All it takes is something small to begin,
Puts me on the ground
The God-damned adrenalin is flowing like rain
And I can not stop it
Wires me up so tense I'm in pain
Makes me feel like shit!
The meds they gave me help a little,
Just not enough
The peace that I have
Is way too brittle
Life can be rough
Times I just sit and cuss like a sailor
I hate this freaking feeling
It's worse than being locked up by a jailor
Who loves to see me reeling
A bill that is due, a problem at home
Hostility directed at me
Can shred my peace and chill my bones
Get me longing to be free
They call it bipolar, a mental disease
To me it's just a pain
Someday I'll pass on and really be free
Till then I'll just sustain !

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