Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Then There Were Two

Yes, indeed, we've lost the two;
For the many, unto the few.
What else is there left to do?
To drown in the darkness inside of you.

We are all one bastard child,
In front of the gun guzzling shots
Of sub-zero vodka to make us smile,
When nothing is one
And nothing is won,
In shadows or sun.

And so we arm ourselves with inebriation
To make mistaken contemplation,
Built upon a frail foundation of misbegotten motivation.
Still, this picture remains frameless,
Outside of this broken home
Nowhere to belong,
Nowhere left to roam...

And so we take this pain,
Straight to the head
Keep it deep inside until we see blood red
Either liquor in the glass,
Or blades in the bed
All because of some thing that we regret

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