Friday, 27 July 2007


My, my breath is fading
Fading away into the cold air
The last of my energy
Are all but gone
When will I see them
Those who I have lost in my life
And if I will see them
Will they be as they were alive
Or will they, will I see them as a medusa
Misshaped and lost
Or will I forever walk in loneliness
Between the world of the living and the dead
Forever alone
Like I always did

My life is coming to its end
There is a hall
A long hall
For now it is white
But what will it be later
Dark, red, purple, yellow
I don’t know
But what do I know I ask myself
For all my life people have ignored me
Giving me the feeling I can’t do nothing
That I am nothing
But now thou all can’t do it any longer
I will see my loved ones back even in this time of my own torment
I can see them
And with last of my energy
My arm is reaching for them
And I can feel her warm fingers in my cold fingers
And now I can finally rest
Freed from the chains of torture that I wore
When I was still alive
But still I know
That I have died

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