Friday, 27 July 2007

Night Stalker

You wait on your prey like a buzzard that waits for his prey's death
You have no remorse or regret even if your victims think you lie in wait
Waiting and watching for the right opportunity to watch as your victim's take their last breath
You are sick beyond belief, you are in an awful mental state.

You stalk at night with gun in hand
Killing in the name of Satan but to you it was only fun
To me you are the most insane person in all the land
You always stalked at night never in daylight under the sun.

You broke into houses, savagely raping your female victims before you introduced them to death
After it was all done you had a morbid sense of pride
In your sick mind you were having fun as you watched others take their last breath
The malicious intent you showed your victims, it's like you took evil as your bride.

With pride, with no remorse you robbed, raped, and killed
In the name of Satan you thought you had it made
You have no conscience, I wonder if you even know how to feel
I believe for the crimes you did, in the fiery pits of hell you will forever wade.

During your trial, pentagram in hand, you made your so called God known to one and all
We all know you thought on your knowledge of Satan you were a whiz
But where was Satan when you got caught and took a fall?
Your soul will surely burn forever in hell, Richard Ramerez.

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