Saturday, 28 July 2007


Walking down my path of life
confused by the patter of rain
into my mind I hide
outside your reach I thrive

Running from the life before me
Fleeing from the pain in me

Wishing I was never here
Wishing I was not in this world

Sweet Sorrow
Pain living through tomorrow

Come into my soul
Reach in and take me out
From within this hell I'm in
I can't take this pain anymore

The pain and guilt all well
inside my mind
the depth of tomorrow
within the thoughts of today

Nothing matters when nothings here
see my pain
smell my fear

Crashing like a storm of fire
hitting like a ton of bricks
The pain of the collision
is mine to bear

Where do I go from here
I've made it out of your reach
broke the chains
fate has no hold

Running wild
through the trees
not wanting to be


  1. very rock song like..nice :)

  2. An example for pleasure in pain. Enjoyed the poem.