Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Now You've Gone & Set Me On Fire

Nothing is right about the boy in this story,
His name shall remian nameless,
This won't be boring
You see everything was wrong with him,
From the beginning
He lost it all form the start,
Couldn't even win from sinning.

You see, how could it be that depression
Takes away every part of your reflection,
Yet a segment of your heart breaks
Who is this broken king behind those glass eyes?
Who is this tragic hero that bears this lonely guise?
His mind is a firestorm;
He wants to give up and die,
But on the other side,
He just wants to fight to not make it a lie
That he could be better;
Grapple the destiny of a broken home,
Shattered dreams,
And feeling so alone.

Unlike his dad,
Who makes him so mad
That it's sad how bad trust fails even in blood
Only the rage inside engages the ties that bind
Only a million more mountains to climb,
All for naught knowing he'd be caught
And should never have fought

Where is his light in this plight,
No place in sight
No one really loves him,
No one really cares,
They only want to hold him,
To make sure he stays there.
Living your pathetic life only to find
That you were only a puppet the entire time

To make his own path,
He must face the wrath
Of every now-angry fool that laughed
Behind his back in the past
The same ones that chain him down
He will blaze a trail,
He's up to the task.

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