Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Why'd You Have To Touch That Damned Glass

Now, these wrists are cut, and your soul is shrieking,
This body's going numb, and your blood is leaking,
These lungs closed tight, and you can't speak,
Your mind is racing, for the memories it keeps

Then, you see yourself, lying all alone
Smiling for your friends, dying all alone
Screaming for hope, crying all alone

These glass shards have sunken deep
Beneath this feeble flesh.
And it will keep digging the more you reach,
Until there's nothing left

Only a fool would fight for a heart
That's broken to pieces, and shattered apart
Crushed once more, then scattered apart.
Only a knife could be this sharp
To kill your spirit before it even starts

And only this fool could rig some pieces
To power his machine of broken metal laces
To live and be haunted by this stasis
Chained and bound by invisible leashes
Of a vile poison in the blood

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