Saturday, 6 January 2007

Can Love Be Real?

I have written much about love in all its forms and as a result of this people have told me that I know a thing or two about it…wrong! I don’t know the first thing about it, though I am aware of the wonderful feeling of being in love. And as long as my love is reciprocated...I'm in heaven and just like everyone else on the planet...I thrive and am completely lost in my other half and that is as it should be.

I’ve read books about it and watched heartfelt movies with a ‘love’ theme, both of which take many spins on the subject, so much so that it is confusing. Playing dangerous games by using reverse psychology or flushing people out by ceasing contact will lead to trust issues and if you can’t trust someone there is no relationship…simple as that.

We are told to go by gut feelings that, without consideration, are accepted as true…and they can be, but more often than not the initial feelings of love involve physical gymnastics and these feelings are what urge us on to, what is hopefully, a great future, but can also be nothing more than a quick fix. I believe that a meeting of the heart and mind will lead...not urge you on...what do you do after sex??? Smoke!

If the meeting of hearts and minds doesn’t take place and you are basing your feelings on sex alone; you will be facing a bleak future. Let me clarify this with the observation that sex is freaking fantastic, but it’s not enough to sustain a lasting relationship. Let’s take a hypothetical situation where a spouse becomes ill and is unable to play the role of sex partner…this should not be an issue…ever...not if you are truly in love.

I think the most painful situation is unrequited love; it’s hollow and lonely. People find it difficult in the extreme to move out of that dilemma. Can love like this lead to anything worthwhile? No!

There seem to be no answers to this except for us to be diligent about who we so thoughtlessly give our entire being to…It’s a gift not to be abused, a gift that is given with hope and love…there’s that word again! Love…what is it?

It’s wonderful when both people feel they can’t live without the other, when the very thought of not being with each other is unbearable…

When hearts and minds are attached, one is lost without the other…

Correct or not, that is how I elucidate “love.”

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  1. Many times people are in love with the idea of being in love. The idea of love evolves, grows, dies, and is reborn during the course of one's life.
    Love was something very solid as a child and it becomes more and more abstract as I grow older.
    It is difficult to stay in-love and love someone for any long length of time; of course being in-love is more exciting. And "love" is not really enough to sustain any relationship.