Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Those were the days !!!

Most people look at us and don't really understand what we're about. We all smoke and swear. We drink too much coffee and drink socially. We've all have had sex and lots of it. We hook up inside the group with our friends' sisters and ex's best friend. Some of us smoke pot and others smoke rocks. Some don't do drugs and they go to church and are in the choir.

We're a lot of different people from a lot of different places brought together by one common goal: to get the hell out of P.E.S. College alive. We all know each other through a friend of a friend. We met on the smoke deck or in the cafeteria. Some of us went to high school together and others we picked up in class. We've got preps and gamers. Singers and ravers. Hip-hoppers, beat boxers and a couple of good, clean, and wholesome suburbanites.

We talk about sex and life and politics. Abortions and movies and music. We have plots to take over the world and who will be in charge of our league of elite warriors. You name it, we've discussed it. We're smarter than your average college student. We're open to new things and we try whatever we can. We're not scared of the real world. Most of us live in it. We've all had our fair share of hard times and good days.

We haven't slept, haven't eaten, haven't moved in days. We've got errands to run when we get out of school before we go to work. We study and cram before tests and take all of the same classes with all the same teachers. We help cheat from old notes and give tips to each other. That teacher is awesome. "This class is too hard, you should take the other one instead."

We all work to pay bills we shouldn't even have yet. We still live with our parents or brothers or sisters and some like me live alone away from my family. Working one or two jobs. The student loan and financial institution office knows most of us by name. We still hang out in the summer and have wild parties, chill parties, small little get togethers. hide and seek at the park in the middle of the night.

We call each other to check in. Everyone knows everyone's business. Even if you don't know that they know. News travels fast when you're sick... expect a lot of phone calls.

We have groups within groups within groups. These people talk all the time, but those four talk more together and the two out of the four are best friends. We all get along, but we all dislike some of the others. We don't like to cause problems, though, because everyone choses sides.

No one knows why. We're all so different. Some drink, some smoke. Some curse, some toke. We've got Hindus and Christians. Muslims and Parsis. Athiests and Jews. Game players, sooth sayers, and some watch the news. We have politicians, sex fiends and drug addicts. We're all coffee drinkers and aspirin dependants.

Opposites attract and we're birds of a feather. We don't even know how we all jam together. Some of us came and some went. Some stayed and just can't get the hell out. English, Business and Science majors.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm glad and proud to be able to say that I know you people and that I can call you my friends.

I really miss those days spent attending college in Bangalore even though I hardly ever attended theory classes after the first 2 months. I love the fact that sent a fake letter to my principal making it appear as if my father sent it saying that "In order to continue his studies, he needs to work to support himself and therefore unless you kindly allow him to skip the theory classes, he wouldn't be able to get his degree." The effect that letter had was that I could only attend the practical labs and while away my time during the theory classes.

It really was fun. Looking back, I had one hell of a time in College. I wish I could relive those days again !!!


  1. Yes, my friend, those were indeed the days. In my case, it was RPI in Toronto, back in 1981. We regularly marched on the US Embassy, refused to eat Chilean grapes, AIDS was unheard of, and disco was dead.

  2. Where are you man? No post, no buzz... seems like u extremely busy :-) Anyways wish u a very happy Diwali! I've tagged you on my blog... http://anujarathi.blogspot.com/2009/10/tagged.html