Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Fading like a flower
Flooded like the streets when it rains
Dark as my room when I lay there all alone
As broke as my heart when denied your love
As broken as ten thousand mirrors
But nothing compares to the way my love seems
Stronger than any force that has ever been
Undying like a thousand anthems played

P.S. --- I didn't realize my poems were worth copying. Check the link out and see that this person copied it and submitted it for a poetry contest.
Link to Poem copied from here

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  1. Was checking google with my writings and came up with this interesting result. Have contacted poetry.com but they are yet to get back to me with a reply. I edited the post and added the link. Do check it out. Only the name was changed, i.e. both the title and the poet's. This is the problem of online publishing.